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oh ohkay then. He tells me he’s depressed and tells me all the reasons why he’s so sad. I say everything I can to make him feel better, and not even the thought of saying thank you crosses his mind. Oh no. Not just a thank you. Nothing. No reply whatsoever

I am so over this

i spelt my heart out and told him how i felt. he didnt even have the common courtesy to tell me how HE felt.

he could have told me he didnt feel the same way. I could have handled it. That would have been okay. 

but he just carried on with the conversation and basked in his glory and ego. That’s not okay.

oh god. im gonna get my heart broken again. 

I can feel it coming.

This emotional turmoil I go through with failed relationships, potential relationships, guys leading you on, i am just so sick of it.

I used to have this theory about the AG philosophy, whereby there are genuinely nice guys out there who are not looking out to play games. I’ve been dealing with a guy for a over a week who was potentially in the “AG” pile but i’ve discovered that they all fall in one of the lame categories: desperate but easily gets bored, taken but still leads you on, and just a plain jackass.

Truth is, I don’t think even A himself plays up to be the perfect man that I once thought he was. Yes, for an brief moment i really did think he had it all, handsome, rational, kind, but gradually i have reason to believe otherwise. 
Don’t even get me started on 5M40NS.  Out of all the guys i’ve ever met, he was a potential, but just as i suspected, his middle name is “boredom”. I don’t mean the he himself was boring, in fact he is one of the most interesting and funny people i know, which is why i initally had feelings for him. The problem is that he gets easily bored, and i can’t cope with a guy who makes me feel that I have to work for his attention 24/7.

Hey I like your blog.. anyway is BackToSchoolGiftCards(.)com legit? My step sister said she got a $500 pizza hut giftcard from FedEx on Friday but I'm skeptical.. You seem smart so tell me what you think.

yeah don’t fall for it.


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